Natural active ingredients toward a sustainable agriculture

Providing natural solutions to the agricultural sectors :

Innovating to create

a high-performance and sustainable agriculture

The ongoing drive to discover and utilize natural principles is the backbone of neobotanix activities. With its unique expertise on the knowledge of plant extracts, neobotanix design solutions for its partners involved in the plant nutrition and care.


Neobotanix, part of the Manghebati Group, inherits all the know-how on the benefits of synergies between the active ingredients of plants and produces its own formulations to meet the desired objectives:

  • Against insects and pests
  • Against bacterial infections
  • Growth and Productivity

Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati group which is specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy since 1989.

Bring innovative solutions to improve cultures’ quality and produce healthy food with vegetal synergies.

A fine knowledge of the synergies between the different properties of botanical extracts to produce 100% natural solutions.