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Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati Group, specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy in the agricultural sector since 1989. The group aims at promoting a sustainable agriculture through the use of synergetic blend of herbal extracts.

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Our vision through neobotanix revolves around two fundamental objectives. The first one is to promote a sustainable agriculture, safe for the environnement and for us, men and women, as well as for the future generations. The second objective is to present reliable products that are safe and economical for our partners in the context of a competitive agricultural sector.

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Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati group which is specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy since 1989.

Bring innovative solutions to improve cultures’ quality and produce healthy food with vegetal synergies.

A fine knowledge of the synergies between the different properties of botanical extracts to produce 100% natural solutions.