Active components

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Neobotanix is specialized in the extraction and standardisation of botanical active extracts.

Extraction through hydro-alcoholic maceration

Volatile and non-volatile active ingredients are extracted in a ethanol / water ratio, thus obtaining a highly concentrated botanical tincture. 

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Extraction through steam distillation

Volatile active ingredients are extracted through steam evaporation to obtain a chemically defined essential oil.

Fractionation of botanical extracts

The fractionation method allows neobotanix to obtain highly concentrated extract of the same natural active molecule for solutions with high stability in use.

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Technical Carrier

The carriers used to stabilize and improve the activity of botanical ingredients  are naturally occuring sedimentary rocks rich in silica. Neobotanix select the technical carriers that are most suitable for an optimal synergetic action.

Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati group which is specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy since 1989.

Bring innovative solutions to improve cultures’ quality and produce healthy food with vegetal synergies.

A fine knowledge of the synergies between the different properties of botanical extracts to produce 100% natural solutions.