Providing the tools for a sustainable agriculture

The ambition of a safe agriculture

Thanks to phytotherapy and aromatherapy

Vegetable & Fruit farming require natural solutions to promote a safe agriculture with the reduced use of synthetic pesticides and chemical treatments. Neobotanix selects key natural components to that end.

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Field approved efficient solutions

The removal of the most toxic phytopharmaceutical substances from the market is underway.

The natural systems for protecting the plant against the biotic aggressions of its environment are among the current research topics.

Alternative aux produits chimiques
Principes actifs des plantes

Complete management of the production chain

The production of high-performance ingredients is linked to an upstream management of the extraction of the active ingredients of the plants in order to guarantee stable solutions for a stable efficiency of the product.

The wide variety of natural plant components require complex monitoring of botanical active markers.

Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati group which is specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy since 1989.

Bring innovative solutions to improve cultures’ quality and produce healthy food with vegetal synergies.

A fine knowledge of the synergies between the different properties of botanical extracts to produce 100% natural solutions.