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Insect Pests Management

for a sustainable agriculture

Neobotanix provides fruit & vegetable farming industry with natural solutions against insect pests that are highly concentrated in botanical active ingredients.

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Insect pest are causing direct damages to the vegetal world, through their feeding but also at the different stages of their development ; They are vectors of important viruses and the principal cause of degraded quantity and quality of production.

Chemical treatment of these population of insects is problematic due to the resistance to available insecticides. 

Plant Diseases Management

Neobotanix provides the fruit & vegetable farming industry with natural solutions against plant diseases that are highly concentrated in botanical active principles.

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Disease fuigi penetrates through natural orifices or through wounds, especially those caused by insect pests. These diseases cause direct damages to the vegetal world such as tissue necrosis.

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Growth and productivity stimulation

Neobotanix provides the industry with natural solutions to stimulate the growth under specific climates or conditions that can affect the management of the production. Heat stress is for instance harmful through its inhibitive action on growth and productivity in vegetable and fruit cultures.

Neobotanix creates natural strategies such as :

  • Increasing the fortification of the root system
  • Stimulating the physiological activity of the vegetal
  • Enhancing the respiratory capacity
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Plant nutrition and care division of the Manghebati group which is specialized in phytotherapy and aromatherapy since 1989.

Bring innovative solutions to improve cultures’ quality and produce healthy food with vegetal synergies.

A fine knowledge of the synergies between the different properties of botanical extracts to produce 100% natural solutions.